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Modern neuroscience offers unprecedented insight into a range of a student’s traits, what we call their Career DNA Matrix, which is not influenced by background, circumstance, or academic performance.

Neuroscience offers an education into self. The most important subject you ever need to learn is YOU! Neuroscience offers a deep dive into your behavior preferences, work aptitudes, innate competencies and learning preferences. These provide invaluable insights that lead to far more than careers exploration. You will build greater levels of self-awareness, communicate more effectively, and highlight what you offer colleges or employers.

The Mosaic Career DNA Matrix is a transformative tool that aligns the naturally instinctive brain-based preferences and competencies of students, adult learners, and job seekers with unparalleled precision. This intuitive matching process ensures a seamless connection between individuals and jobs, offering pinpoint accuracy for optimal career alignment.

Once the Career DNA is understood, matching jobs and careers is a guided, precise process which removes ambiguity. No need to rely on guess work, gut feelings, or influence by family and friends, we eliminate the stress and discomfort that can be experienced when faced with making a critical life decision.

Fueled by precision instruments, exclusive tools, and a wealth of relevant content, alongside the invaluable guidance from your personal AI Career Coach, this is your extraordinary chance to be fully equipped and ready not just to survive but to thrive in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world ahead.

Mosaic Solutions provides a repeatable process and tools to manage your career over the course of your work life. Jobs will cease to exist, many of today’s skills will become redundant, and we know from neuroscience that you will also change over time (neuroplasticity). With every career disruption and opportunity, you will return to the tools, confident in your ability to make accurate career decisions.

We partner with K12, colleges, industry, non-profits, and state entities to provide comprehensive solutions to create meaningful, long-term changes in the labor market and promote positive economic outcomes.

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Neuroscience-based survey, personalized O.NET jobs database with search engine functionality, secure and private AI Career Coach with 24/7 access, engaging digital learning content.
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