EvolveFlex Finance Group LLC
3510 cashew dr
Raleigh, NC 27616
(919) 583-7790

Save 10-40% on expensive credit card processing fees!

Business Owner: Save 10-40% on expensive credit card processing fees! EvolveFlex Finance Group LLC, through its professional network have strategically partnered with a specialized and seasoned merchant processing company to provide our clients with wholesale processing rates. They can typically save business owners 10%-40% off existing fees. They accomplish this by eliminating many of the most common surcharges found today. They also offer personalized merchant support and level of care that is rare to find today. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity and in a place to make a potential change, I will make an introduction, so you can receive a complimentary savings analysis. Offer Your Clients Free Contactless Payment Terminals Our credit card payment terminals are contactless and complimentary! We will replace outdated hardware to provide for fast and safe payments. *There are NO start-up costs or downtime* All Required from you: - Your merchant statement (for complimentary analysis) and, - Your time – About 15 minutes of phone call consultation. Call us now: 919-583-7790 or email david@evolveflexfinance.com

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Expires: 3/31/2022

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